The Beginner Resellers Guide To B2B And B2C Business Model Without Investment In 2021

Earn Money From Home Without Investment Working With B2B And B2C Companies.

    First read well and slowly to get better understanding, in this post I have sharing premium tricks for you to earn money from home and it will be part time job by sitting at home.

    The Beginner Resellers Guide To B2B And B2C Business Model Without Investment In 2021

    Now important read this.

    Who can earn money by seeing and understanding this post ?

    I have perfect answer for above question, let's see step by step :

    • Every one can earn by seeing and understanding this post.

    • Only if he/she work hard, Yes you need to work hard and smartly but the work will be very easy.

    • Work positively, avoid negativity.

    • Keep motivation.

    • First bring confidence on yourself.

    • Or if you already a confidential human being then keep it more well.

    • Mainly you need patience.

    • If you have patience already, need more.

    • Only serious people do this work.

    Now Understand Detail For Above Points :

    Work Hard : If any one earning money or anyone became rich person they might worked hard for that, reason behind the rich, earning money is working hard for to earn own money. You need to work hard but the work is very easy.

    Keep Motivation : Motivation is important for to become rich person or a well decent human being, keep motivated yourself.

    Confidence : confidence is a that type of word it makes us what we do it to do easily, I think confidence word you listening from your childhood days or in school or you might know what is confidence; Confidence makes everything right but sometimes it may go wrong, that's why I told you to keep confidence wheather it may go wrong or right but final out gives us right.

    Patience : Patience is very important in life like confidence i said above, the two words are very important for well and better life.

    Serious People Only : Read serious people only who want to earn their own money.

    Finally I Say : Keep Motivation, Confidence, Patience.

    Now Let's Get Start About Money Earning Business By Sitting At Home :

    I will tell you in very detailed.

    What is B2B Full Form?

    In business it is called "Business 2 Business".

    Know About Business 2 Business Model :

    B2B business are many types but now your work is dropshipping, selling products from a retailer company by just working from home. You are a reseller.
    You can see this image for better understand
    B2B And B2C

    Yes you need to sell products like beauty parlour, electronics, dress, kitchen need, home need, furniture, baby need, and more products are available to sell by you.

    Understand B2B And B2C :

    There will be four types that is, Factory > Wholesalers > Retailers > Resellers (You) and finally customer's (Buyers).

    Wholesalers will buy products from directly factory and they keep stock and now retailers will buy products from wholesaler they keep in stock, and now finally resellers add margin to the that particular product and they resell to customers, This is B2B And B2C Model.

    Your work is just to select a product and add margin to it and share on social networks and people will buy that product you shared company will ship to their doorstep, margin amount will be credited to your bank account.

    Many types of payment options are available for customers like UPI, Credit card, Debit card, and Cash On Delivery.

    By selling retailers products you will get margin for that specific product, margin you can keep yourself how much you want that totally depends on you.

    See B2B And B2C Examples For Margin :

    If the retailer product price is 599 Rs. But you can sell it for 650 Rs or more by adding margin amount, that added margin amount will be earned by you.

    I think now your question is who will purchase our products.

    Let's see about it; There are many people to buy those products on internet like Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram and more Platform's are their to sell our products.

    Now first you need to join top reselling company, there are many reselling companies join one of them by download their official app or visiting a website that's your choice but recommendation is install app from playstore that will be a easy method to work.

    I suggest you two top reselling companies first one is MEESHO or GLOWROAD you can join any one of them. 

    Steps To Join MEESHO or GLOWROAD :

    • Go to playstore and download your favourite reselling company.

    • After download and installing, now add phone number and enter otp to join. (Adding otp at your own risk).

    • Now your account will be created successfully.

    • After that make your business profile for reselling company, add your business name, number, address.

    • Main step, Now create your own store on glowroad, in meesho you can't create your own store.

    • Glowroad : After creating a own store, start adding quality products with keeping your margin, products will be adding in your store with applied margin and now you share products and start earning money.

    • Meesho : After creating account directly share a product and people will choose that product and they ask price for it you should say price with your margin, if they agreed for that ask address and buy it for those.

    • In Glowroad people can buy directly by your shared link.

    • In Meesho you need buy for people by adding those give address.

    Now I will share pro tips for sharing reselling products

    Platform's for sharing reselling products
    I will choose Facebook And Whatsapp Business app for my concept.

    First Know About Facebook Reselling Business

    First I'll tell about facebook page and group reselling then bounce tips is facebook marketplace

    Do you know what is facebook marketplace for?
    It is Specially made for online products sellers, many people are selling products on facebook marketplace and earning money by sitting at home, it's very easy method to earn.

    I will tell that later now you know about facebook page and group how to sell products from FB page or group.

    Step by Step Full Guide :

    I think already you have a facebook account, now just you need to do is create a facebook page or group.

    Steps to create perfect business facebook page or group :

    • Just go to facebook and click on  3 dashed line or flag icon.

    B2B And B2C

    • Then create Page or group for business by entering professional name for business page.
    • Now make professional logo for you fb page or group, there are many websites available for make professional logo.
    • And now update cover image, it should be professional.
    • And finally download images from reselling apps and copy full description add it to facebook page and group with total price.
    • Daily you need to add atleast 5 to 7 different types of products.
    • And you need to join others facebook group just for sharing your group posts into their groups, it help to grow your group easily but it takes time (Keep Patience).
    • Same add products to fb page daily 5 to 7 different items, people will engage automatically after few day (Keep Patience).

    Pro Tips Is Here About Facebook Market Place :

    Facebook Market place is very good for resellers.

     Steps For Adding Products Into Facebook Market Place :

    • First go to facebook then click on shop icon.
    • Then click on sell button and select items option.
    • Now add images, title, description, price and more what is available to add.
    • Finally Post it.

    Or see in image.

    Business To Business Ideas 2021

    Then Add Products
    Business To Business Ideas 2021

    After adding products to facebook page, group and facebook marketplace, how people will buy that product.

    Yes this is good question; People will directly message you for that product to buy, now you need to ask delivery address and phone number if that product is from meesho then buy it for those to given delivery address. If your product is from glowroad directly share buying link they will buy it from your provided link. (Share Products With Adding Margin Price).

    This is all about facebook selling.

    Now know process about how to sell in whatsapp business app : 

    First install whatsapp business app then create your account by adding phone number.

    Follow The Steps :

    • Open whatsapp business then click on 3 dots it will open business tool.
    • Then click on business profile, now create proper business profile by adding image, name, description, address, select category and more they given.
    • Then now click on "Catalogue" here you can add your products images, price, description. 
    • Finally share with your friends and relatives, if they wanted to buy that product you can ask delivery address or send them buy link as your reselling Platform is.


    In this post I have given full detail about how to earn money from home without Investment by B2B and B2C model concept with top reselling companies and also provided b2b examples. 

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