PM Full From And Meaning In Hindi

The Full Form of PM is 


PM Full From

And also PM have more full forms see below one by one.


Also Get All PM Full Forms Meaning In Hindi.

Post Master (Male) : Post office responsible for a each single post office, In Hindi "डाकपाल".

Post Mistress (Female): Post office responsible for all post offices, In Hindi " महिला डाकपाल".

Prime Minister : Head of a government and leader of all ministers, In Hindi "प्रधानमंत्री".

Particulate Matter Meaning In Hindi "कणिका तत्व".

Police Magistrate : Police Magistrate Meaning In Hindi "न्यायाधीश".

Q1. What is the full form of "PM"?
Ans : There are many full forms are available for PM, here are few important " Post Master", "Post Mistress", "Prime Minister".

Q2. What is PM ?
Ans : PM is a short word of many full forms.

Q3. How many full forms are there for PM?
Ans : After searching i got more than 6-7 full forms for PM.

Conclusion : In the above post you have been learned full form of PM and PM meaning in hindi. 

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