Pedia Meaning In Hindi And Pedia Definition

This is all about pedia, I know you all have listened pedia word so many times but you know about pedia it's full form and pedia meaning in hindi.
Pedia meaning in hindi

Let's know all about pedia meaning and it's full form, why pedia word uses.

Example : Wikipedia

Pedia meaning in english

Pedia defined many types of meaning
Abbreviation of encyclopaedia.
Abbreviation of pediatrics. And also called as nickname of Wikipedia and it is also called dictionary language.

Pedia meaning in hindi

I have researched in google for pedia meaning in hindi but nothing i got, I think in hindi it is called same as english "PEDIA" pedia word in  hindi "पिडिया".

Pedia meaning in Kannada

Same as in english "PEDIA" Pedia word in Kannada "ಪೀಡಿಯಾ". 

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Pedia meaning in tamil 

There is no meaning but according to google translation it is "புலங்கள்".

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Pedia meaning in telugu

PEDIA telugu google translation is "ఫీల్డ్‌లు".

In this post told about pedia meaning in hindi, Kannada, Telugu, Tamil and about pedia meaning.

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