Which Is Better Wordpress or Blogger For Making Money And Platform

What's Better WordPress Or Blogger.
Which Is Better Wordpress or Blogger For Making Money And Platform

Today I will tell about blogger vs WordPress Best blogging platform to make money in 2021, create a website and make money online,which one is the good and easy to work, From which platform we can earn huge money. Hey There Iam SK Founder Of CTS - Click Tech Studio. Let's start.

First you should know about What is blogging how it works.
You already know what is social media like Facebook,Twitter,Instagram,YouTube.
For example : Youtube is social media video platform that we search daily uploaded new songs or any types of knowledgeable video to get us help or knowledge from that video, Like Cooking videos, Technology videos, crafting videos, etc; There are many categorised videos in youtube we all are search's for knowledge from those video. Or Facebook there we upload photos or videos for building our friends community through online, Also for massaging online.

Blogging :

Blogging is also a online platform to search contents across world wide by google search, I mean what ever we search's on google there will be a quick answers for our searched question and starts to read those answers by others website platform's we doesn't mean that made by Blogger or WordPress or Other's
we Only get our answers or articles by searching on google page. There are uncountable websites all over the world, these websites are called blogging.

Thir are many types of blogging platforms in the market to create a website through these platforms. But two platform's are very important.

List Of Blogging Platform's

1. Blogger ( By Google )✔️

2. WordPress✔️

3. Tumblr

4. Wix

5. Medium

From this list two platform's are very important that is Blogger By Google and WordPress, You can create professional website through these two platform's.

Now we will talk about price to create a professional website through Blogger and WordPress. First blogger, there is no price for creating website on blogger it is totally free because blogger is by google you can create unlimited website through blogger.com. But You can create website through WordPress you should pay a little bit of money. 

There is a one question.

Q: Why we should pay money for creating website by WordPress?

Here is a good one answer.

Ans: Because WordPress is a content management system (CMS) WP is a software whatever you write in that blog weather it is a Articles, Videos, or images these all are called content WP cannot store, You must should pay  money to buy a hosting ( Storage ) to store this all uploaded contents. You should buy web hosting by other third parties website.

Which one is the Best blogging platform to make money in 2021. 

Blogger is a very easy there are only less options to build professional website designs, But WordPress is little bit hard to create website or you can learn from youtube videos ( One time learning ).
Now about designing website, To design website made by Blogger or WordPress you must download templates (THEMES) from third party websites download and apply into your website.

Blogger vs WordPress plugins which is better? 

Now about installing plugins, Plugins means that do you want  to add new features or making our blog speed or designing post etc; plugins are used and plugins are also a software that only helps to develop websites. But for installing plugins WordPress is best and easy  because many types of plugins are available by third party websites to install plugins in WordPress only one click activation process in WordPress.
But in Blogger we must should learn the coding to install plugins.

Now about security which one is the best for security WordPress vs Blogger? 
Which Is Better Wordpress or Blogger For Making Money And Platform

Blogger is best for security purposes there is no doubt because blogger is by google fully blogger platform handled by google and google provides us best free security to our website made by using blogger. 

WordPress is also best security but we should pay money for installing antivirus security plugins.  

Now about earnings which one is best for earning Blogger or WordPress? Here is Two platform's are same for earning by adsense or affiliates, these two platform's are same for earning. 

About the post 

Today I told about WordPress and Blogger, which one is best or easy to create website. I told in fully easy method to know properly. I think you all are understanding. 

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