What is Google Question Hub? Google Question Hub Kya Hai

What is Google question hub? google question hub kya hai in english How it works.

Step by step guide.

question hub by google is that one of the biggest tool for who maintain a website like ex : Blogger or WordPress (www.example.com)etc;
What is Google Question Hub? Question Hub With Google Tool

1. What is Google Question Hub? Question and Answer Tool By Google

Google question hub is popular site in internet for world wide, Google question hub is tool it made by Google company. This tool is helps for only who maintain a websites for writing any type of articles. 

Here is Official Site Google Question Hub Tool .

2. How it works?

Google question hub or  google home hub questions and answers tool works, who don't have idea about writing new content in thir sites. It's provides question(title) for website till now no one written the articles  on that question.

3. How Google question hub generated new questions?

Thir are many people in the world, they each  have different number of questions in thir mind. Many people search's in google for thir question and some questions gets the answer from many websites but thir are some people have thir own daily questions  in mind and they starts searching in google some answers will get soon and some right  answers will never get in google search. For this problem google has made a tool that is Google Question Hub.

4. How GQH gets the new questions?

Thir are many people till now they don't get some genuine answers for thir questions, daily world wide people question hub with google search the mind blowing questions in google, but some searched question never gets right answers in google that questions are google stores in GQH.

5. Why GQH stores these questions?

Because this questions as no answers in google it stores in Google question hub. After words the website articles writer take that questions and they provides the genuine answers for thir questions. And these questions get rank in No1 Position and they gets hug traffic (visitors) for websites. If u provided the best answer for that questions and they search again in google for that questions definitely your site comes in google search for first page.

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